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5 Landscape Design Possibilities Using EP Henry Techo-Bloc Pavers

By Patio Designer Dave Gaffney

Concrete paving stones have been in use since the end of World War II primarily in Germany & Denmark. Although it took a number of years for this modern hardscaping technology to reach the United States, today they comprise some of the hottest & most innovative paving products found on the market. Landscape designer, Dave Gaffney examines 5 design possibilities incorporating the use concrete pavers that will result in elegant, stylish, & appealing hardscapes while enhancing the value of your home.

  1. Walkways – Create walkways of distinction with EP Henry & Techo-Bloc pavers ( available in an enormous selection of styles, textures, & colors that will compliment architectural elements of your home & your personal preferences. From the traditional 4x8 in. paver to the popular modular paving systems, you can implement creative patterns & borders that will enliven your journey leading to a front door or the entrance of an outdoor living area.
  2. Patios & outdoor living spaces – Compliment paving stones used in walkways & paths with a selection of larger scale pavers & slabs from EP Henry or Techo-Bloc that capture the appearance of natural stone. These larger sizes offer ultimate design flexibility that can be used to delineate entertainment areas & add a prominent visual element. Paving stones, wall stone, & curbstone products are manufactured to correspond with each other so different combinations create a stunning outdoor living space or patio.
  3. Swimming pool decks – Concrete pavers provide an attractive & slip resistance-walking surface making them an ideal selection for pool decks. Water will drain from the individual stones faster than traditional concrete, providing a surface that is comfortable to walk on in bare feet. Bull nose pavers can be used as a pool coping providing harmony with the surrounding pool deck.
  4. Driveways – A selection of EP Henry & Techo-Bloc paving stones is a perfect alternative to concrete or asphalt driveways. By using a thicker paving stone, they provide exceptional long-term durability, will not crack, & are more cost efficient in the long run. our new paving stone driveway will have uncompromised style & originality through incorporating a variety of sizes, colors, & textures.
  5. Permeable Pavers – This is a paver system that creates a durable pavement, which allows water to infiltrate the subsoil. Environmentally friendly Turf pavers can provide an auxiliary parking area or provide stabilization of a steep slope with its unique design that allows lawn or ground cover to grow through them. These products offer solutions in applications that demand environmental sensitivity & is among the fastest growing segment of the concrete paver industry.

The limitless possibilities of EP Henry & Techo-Bloc paving stones ensures that your vision & unique style will be reflected in an attractive hardscaping project that will enhance the value of your home & serve as inspiration to others.

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