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5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home With Outdoor Living Spaces

By Landscaping Expert Dave Gaffney

30 minutes of quiet time with a chance to gather your thoughts can seem like a mini vacation in today's hectic world. Imagine this vacation-taking place in your own backyard. Today's outdoor living spaces are an extension of our homes, providing a comfortable environment for family gatherings, entertaining friends, & adding value to your home. Here are 5 ways to achieve your goals with a proven formula used by landscape design expert Dave Gaffney when he consults with clients.

  1. Investment – This can play an enormous role in determining what a project will entail & the complexity of the design. There is a solution for just about any size budget that will result in a beautiful outdoor living space. Through creative design & installation these projects can be completed in phases to help stage the investment while working towards completing your goal.
  2. Materials – The hardscaping products used in the construction of outdoor living spaces vary in material cost, installation methods, longevity, & maintenance requirements. Natural stone products can be more costly initially, but are offset due to lower maintenance costs. There is a tremendous selection of concrete pavers & these products are offered within a broad range of costs & achieve exceptional results with low maintenance. Through a process of elimination, you can select a combination of materials that will reflect your personal tastes, style, & budget; this will result in a unique & dramatic outdoor living space.
  3. Size – When designing an outdoor living space, the overall size of a project will greatly influence the investment required. To help determine a patio size, observe your current entertainment requirements such as cooking areas, the average number of quests, furniture use, & traffic flow of the areas used for gatherings. By looking at these factors, you can start to create some definition & develop a better understanding of your size requirements for an outdoor living space.
  4. Complexity – Outdoor living areas can be simple, quaint, & elegant while creating your own private resort with entertainment capabilities. By writing down a list of desired features, you will ultimately define your outdoor living space priorities. Each property plays a unique role in project complexity with factors such as topography, soil conditions, accessibility & desired features. Township codes, engineering studies, & storm water management requirements may have impact on the project & should be considered during the design & planning phase.
  5. Landscaping – Landscaping provides the finishing touches to a beautiful & inviting outdoor living space much like art work in a room. This is designed in conjunction with hardscaping products creating texture, color, & privacy in your new outdoor living area. Landscaping products can be selected to reflect personal preferences & implemented over a period of time to maximize priorities & investment considerations.
  6. Walkways – Create walkways of distinction with EP Henry & Techo-Bloc pavers available in an enormous selection of styles, textures, & colors that will compliment architectural elements of your home & your personal preferences. From the traditional 4x8 in. paver to the popular modular paving

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