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6 Summer Landscaping Tips

6 Summer Landscaping Tips — Chester County

Whether you have just a few or dozens of plants and flowers in your yard, it's important to know how to care for them correctly during the summertime. Plus, it's essential to keep after your grass to ensure it remains green and lush in the hot weather.

To help you in your summer landscaping endeavors, our Chester County landscape designer would like to offer the following tips:

  1. Ensure your plants are well cared for while you're on vacation. Many people make the mistake of forgetting to have a friend or neighbor water their plants while they're out of town. This oversight can be detrimental to container plants, which need a steady supply of water in order to survive. Plus, annual flowers need to be watered at least once a week in order to thrive.
  2. Mow your grass wisely. Obviously, you need to mow your lawn in order to keep it from becoming a jungle, but it's important not to take off more than one-third of the height of the grass. Otherwise, the root system may be stressed and weeds may invade.
  3. Be sure to irrigate. Doing so is integral to keeping your landscaping healthy. If you're looking to save water, consider using a rain barrel to direct water into your garden or other areas with plants.
  4. Watch out for poison ivy and snakes. While taking care of your plants and shrubbery, keep an eye out for snakes crawling through your yard. Also, wear gloves and protective clothing to avoid making contact with poison ivy.
  5. Beware of discounted plants. At the beginning of the summer, stores often offer huge discounts on old plants to try to clear out their inventories. Before buying low-priced plants, consider that they may have dead roots and/or need special care in order to make it through the summer.
  6. Prune shade trees correctly. Summer is the perfect time to prune the shade trees in your yard, but don't go overboard – you should only take off up to 15-percent of the leaves on the tree. If you need to prune more than that, it may be best to remove the tree and plant a smaller one in its place.

Following these steps will lead to a beautiful, well-landscaped yard this summer.

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