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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard During the Hot Summer

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard During the Hot Summer

As summer approaches and the weather goes from hot to hotter here in Delaware County, you might start to notice some brown spots in your yard. To prevent and/or get rid of them, many folks choose to purchase a sprinkler system and run it for hours each day. That will help keep your grass green and lush, but the truth is there are several more sustainable summer lawn care techniques that are just as effective. Here's what our Delaware County landscape designer recommends:

  1. Water the grass before noon – When it comes to watering your grass efficiently, the early morning is the best time to break out the hose or turn on the sprinkler. Because the morning hours are usually the coolest ones in the summer, the least amount of water will evaporate, so your grass will enjoy maximum hydration. Plus, the lawn will have all day to soak up the moisture. Wondering how much water your grass really needs to stay healthy and hydrated? It may be more or less than you'd expect! Our landscape design company in Delaware County will be happy to advise.
  2. Make sure your mower's blades are sharp – Another step you can take to ward off brown patches is to sharpen the blades on your lawnmower on a regular basis. This is because a dull blade will fray the grass, leaving it susceptible to turning brown.
  3. Try mulching your grass – What do you do with your grass after it's been cut? Many bag their cut grass and get rid of it in the interest of giving their yard a neat appearance. However, when it comes to keeping your yard healthy in the summer months, mulching your lawn, or leaving the cut grass there to decompose, is actually a better move. You see, the cut grass will absorb additional moisture and help the grass that is still planted in your yard to stay hydrated.
  4. Add trees to your yard – If you're looking for a foolproof and long-lasting method of brown spot prevention, it's time to plant some trees! They'll provide a source of shade so your grass isn't exposed to as much sunlight, making it easier to keep your grass looking awesome all summer long.

As you can see, there's more to taking care of your yard in the summer than just setting out an automatic sprinkler.

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