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Choosing The Perfect Pool Design For Your Family

Chester County Pool Designer

Are you tired of having to leave your home to enjoy a swimming pool during the hot summer months? The solution to this problem is simple: have a pool installed in your backyard! Not sure where to start in terms of swimming pool design and installation? Don't worry – the Chester County pool design experts at Landscaping by Gaffney are here to walk you through the process:

  1. Talk to someone who has experience with pools. Whether it be a neighbor, a family member, or a Chester County pool designer such as Landscaping by Gaffney, you should discuss your swimming pool options with someone you trust. We suggest inquiring about the cost and timeline for different types of pools, as this information will give you insight into what will work best for your family and your budget.
  2. Surf the Internet for ideas and inspiration. Now that you've had your initial pool questions answered, it's time to start searching for design ideas. We recommend using the Internet to find pool designs that you like and creating a folder or bulletin board for all of the images. Plus, you can check out our Chester County pool design company's online photo gallery for additional pool design inspiration.
  3. Narrow down your wish list. Once you've gathered about 10-12 ideas, try to figure out which features are most common in the pool designs that you chose. Decide which features your pool absolutely needs to have and which ones you could live without. Then make a list of what each feature will cost and figure out how many of them you can afford. If you need help with this step, you can always call on our pool designer in Chester County!
  4. Finalize the details of the pool design. When it comes to deciding on swimming pool aspects such as size and shape, it's extremely helpful to create a physical model of where the pool will be placed in your yard. To do so, we suggest using a few garden hoses to imitate the outline of the pool – just place the hoses in the approximate area where you want your swimming pool to be and adjust them until you get the desired dimensions and shape.
  5. Hire a professional to implement your swimming pool design. Now that you've got the design of your swimming pool figured out, it's time to make your vision a reality. For this step, you'll need to find an experienced contractor who can build your pool with precision and skill. That's where Landscaping by Gaffney comes in!

In addition to being the pool design company Chester County families trust, Landscaping by Gaffney also offers pool landscaping. If you're looking to spruce up the area around your swimming pool, we're the ones to call – we specialize in adding lush plants that complement the hardscaping and water of backyard pools.

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