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Winter Lawn Care Tips from Our Chester County Landscape Designer

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Though we typically don't think about working in the yard during the wintertime, there are actually many tasks to be done to prepare your lawn for spring. In addition, there are several easy things you can do to keep your landscaping well maintained throughout the cold months. As a top-rated landscape designer in Chester County, Landscaping by Gaffney is familiar with all of these tips and tricks, and we'd like to offer a few of them to you:

  • Take the time to prune trees, hedges and shrubs that are overgrown or have dead branches. Doing so will eliminate the risk of branches falling during times of heavy snow or wind as well as keep your plants healthy.
  • Gather up and dispose of leaves and debris on your lawn every few days throughout the cold months. Otherwise, these things will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass and cause it to become dead, patchy or brown.
  • To protect your planting beds from the harsh effects of severe winter weather, you should place 1.5 to 2 inches of mulch in them. By putting down mulch, you'll help the roots of your yard plants stay strong, warm and healthy during the cold months. For maximum aesthetic value, use the back side of a pitchfork or rake to pat the mulch down evenly.
  • Try not to walk on your grass when it is frozen in the wintertime, as this can lead to bare spots in your yard.
  • Winterize your water systems by fully turning off and covering all spigots.
  • Cover early-flowering plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas with burlap during periods of extreme cold. To support the burlap, place stakes and rope around the plants.

By following these winter lawn and landscaping care practices, you'll ensure your yard is ready for the growing season.

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