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6 Ways to Preserve Your Hardscaping This Winter

6 Ways to Preserve Your Hardscaping This Winter

Considering how beat up the roads of Pennsylvania get during the winter, it's no surprise wintry precipitation can also wreak havoc on your hardscaping. Still, there are many simple ways to limit the damage that your sidewalk, patio and other hardscaping endures during the cold months. Today, our Delaware County hardscape design company is going to advise you on some of the best practices for preserving your hardscaping:

  1. Remove snow from hardscaping ASAP – When a snowstorm hits, you should make it a priority to shovel your hardscaping. This is because if snow is not removed quickly, moisture may seep into the surface and cause damage.
  2. Avoid chemical-laden ice removers – People often use rock salt as a de-icer in the wintertime. While this type of de-icer is useful for preventing slips and falls, it's hard on concrete and other hardscaping because it's full of chemicals. Therefore, it's best to opt for a de-icer that's easier on your walkways but will still do the trick, such as plain sand or potassium chloride.
  3. Know what items to put in storage for the winter – If you have decorative stone items such as statues or fountains, it's best to put them in a dry place where they won't be subjected to the elements during the winter. Taking the time to do so will extend the life of these items greatly.
  4. Use snow removal tools that won't damage hardscaping – Did you know that traditional metal shovels can crack and scratch hardscaping? With this in mind, choose a plastic shovel, a metal shovel with a plastic edge or a snow blower with rubberized edges to clear snow from your walkways.
  5. Have your hardscaping sealed before winter arrives – One of the most effective things you can do to prevent damage to hardscaping is to have it sealed on a regular basis. If you're wondering when your surfaces are due for sealant reapplication, just ask the Delaware County hardscape design specialists at Landscaping by Gaffney!
  6. Fix cracks and holes as they appear – If you see any damages to your hardscaping, it's important to have them fixed in a timely manner. Otherwise, they will continue to get worse and become more time-consuming and expensive to repair.

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