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5 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

5 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Winter is right around the corner – do you know what steps to take in order to get your yard ready for the cold, snowy months ahead? Contrary to what you might expect, you should amp up your lawn care routine before winter, not let it slack. The reason for this is that your grass takes in moisture and nutrients most efficiently during the autumn as it prepares to go dormant for the winter. Therefore, giving your yard some TLC right before winter arrives will help it to emerge in great condition in the spring.

So what exactly should you put on your fall lawn care to-do list? Our Chester County landscape designer is here to give you some ideas:

  1. Rake the leaves often – Raking isn't the most enjoyable activity, but it's an essential one for keeping your yard in good shape. If leaves are left to sit and build up for too long, they'll become wet and stick together, making them even harder to deal with. This is bad news for your grass, as the heavy leaves will keep it from receiving proper air and sunlight. To prevent this problem altogether, make a habit of raking the leaves in your yard about once a week throughout the autumn.
  2. Mow as needed – Many people think that there's no need to mow the grass in the fall since its growth slows, but it's actually very beneficial for your yard's appearance to continue doing so. Keeping the lawn trimmed will allow the crown of the grass to soak up as much sunlight as possible, thereby leading to a healthier, better looking yard. For best results, lower the blade on your lawnmower as the end of the fall season approaches so that the grass is cut shorter – in turn, there will be less grass left to turn brown under the winter snow.
  3. Aerate the soil – Aeration is vital to a healthy lawn because it allows water and air to soak through the surface and into the roots. Don't have the time or means to aerate your yard yourself? Just call a landscape design company in Chester County for assistance!
  4. Apply herbicides – Just like grass, weeds absorb air, water and other substances extremely well just before winter starts. They are also more apt to suck up weed killers during this season, making it the perfect time to apply herbicides to kill weeds and prevent them from regrowing in the springtime.
  5. Do some planting – While it may seem counterintuitive to plant things right before the cold weather sets in, fall is actually the ideal time to put many kinds of trees, shrubs and vegetables in the ground. To find out if the plants you'd like to add to your yard will thrive in cold weather, just do some simple online research or consult Landscaping by Gaffney, the landscape designer Chester County residents love.

We hope that these tips will serve you well as you prepare your lawn for the transition from fall to winter!

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