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4 Reasons to Prune Many Trees & Shrubs in Winter

4 Reasons to Prune Many Trees & Shrubs in Winter

Pruning the trees and shrubs in your yard is an essential practice for stimulating their growth and keeping them neat, tidy and healthy. So what time of year is best for breaking out your pruners and getting to work? For the majority of deciduous trees and plants, winter is the perfect time for pruning! While it may seem counterintuitive to prune during the cold season, our Delaware County landscape designer is here to tell you why it's actually ideal in many cases:

  1. It's much easier to see what you're working with – Perhaps the most convincing reason to prune in the winter is that you can see the structure of your plants best at this time. With most or all of the leaves off of the plants, you won't have to guess where to cut – you'll be able to clearly see where dead or diseased branches are, thereby making the pruning process highly efficient.
  2. Plants are far less prone to insect damage and disease during winter – Since pruning leaves your plants vulnerable to diseases and insect invasion, it's advantageous to do so in the winter when bacteria, fungi and insect presence is low.
  3. Trees and shrubs recover more quickly when dormant – When winter rolls around, plants take a break from growing and developing in order to save up energy for the springtime. This makes it a good time to prune them, as they can devote all of their energy towards healing from a wintertime trim since they aren't photosynthesizing or doing other things.
  4. It'll make your yard a safer place – Pruning the loose branches on your trees and shrubs in the winter even promotes safety. By getting rid of the branches that are most susceptible to being blown off due to snowy, icy or windy conditions, you'll reduce the risk of someone being injured in your yard.

While winter pruning is beneficial for many trees and shrubs, it's important to keep in mind that some plants, such as spring-flowering trees, should not be pruned until late spring or summer for optimal results. Therefore, you should do some research or consult our landscape design company in Delaware County to ensure that you're pruning at the best time of year for your plants.

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Now that we've told you about a landscaping task that you'll most likely want to complete before winter is over, we'd like to talk about spring! The season of blooming flowers and chirping birds is right around the corner, so it's time to think about what type of beautiful landscaping you'd like to add to your yard.

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