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4 Reasons to Have Your Pool Renovated During Winter

4 Reasons to Have Your Pool Renovated During Winter

Is your swimming pool in need of some work? The winter is the perfect season to have it done! Although it may seem odd to complete a pool project during the cold season, our pool design company in Delaware County is here to tell you why it's actually a great idea:

  1. The project will likely run more smoothly – Because most people choose to have their pools renovated in the spring or summer, pool contractors are far less busy in the winter. This means they'll be able to devote more attention to your project during this time. Plus, there will be a smaller chance of your project being delayed, and the contractor will probably be able to obtain high-quality materials more easily.
  2. You might get a discount – In order to generate business in the winter months, pool design companies often offer reduced prices throughout the season. The money you save can go directly into your pocket, or you can put it towards making your pool even more luxurious.
  3. You won't miss out on valuable pool time – Perhaps the most beneficial part of having pool work done during the off-season is that you won't have to sacrifice swim time. Since you can't swim during the Pennsylvania winter anyway, there won't be any hurry to get the project done.
  4. You'll have lots of time to decide on the perfect Delaware County pool design – In addition to ensuring that your pool isn't out of commission when the weather is prime for swimming, scheduling pool work for the winter will also give you added time to create your ideal pool design. Without the stress of time constraints, you'll be able to take your time deciding how you'd like your updated pool to look.

As you can see, getting your pool renovations out of the way during the slow season is an extremely smart plan for several reasons.

Our Delaware County Pool Designer Is Open All Winter!

Need assistance with your wintertime pool renovations? Landscaping by Gaffney is ready and willing to help at any time! As the pool design company Delaware County residents have depended on for years, we have the experience and skills needed to complete pool projects of all types and sizes.

Interested in a free consultation? Call our pool designer in Delaware County today at (610) 942-4122, and we'll be happy to give you an estimate for your wintertime pool job! And if you'd like to learn about how to preserve your hardscaping during the winter, be sure to check out last month's blog post. We look forward to hearing from you!