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4 Reasons to Plan Your Patio Project for Fall/Winter

4 Reasons to Plan Your Patio Project for Fall/Winter

Has adding a patio to your backyard been on your to-do list for a while now? It may seem counterintuitive to have a patio installed on your property in the fall/winter due to the possibility of ice and snow, but our Delaware County hardscape design company is here to tell you why patio construction during this time of year is actually a great idea:

  1. Major savings – The cold weather season is the off-season for patio building, so your professional hardscape designer in Delaware County will likely offer significant discounts on building materials during this time. As a result, your patio will probably have a much lower price tag than it would in the spring or summer. If desired, you can use the dollars you save to upgrade to fancier materials or features that you wouldn't typically have room for in your budget.
  2. You won't have to worry about your plants and grass getting destroyed – Since landscaping goes dormant once temperatures begin to plummet in late autumn/early winter, your yard's features will be naturally protected from damage during fall/winter patio construction.
  3. Your patio will be ready to enjoy come spring – When you opt to have your patio built during the fall or winter, it will be there waiting for you once the snow melts and your lawn emerges in the spring. This means you can get right to grilling, hanging out and doing whatever else you love to do with family and friends on your patio as soon as the warm weather arrives.
  4. You may even get to use your patio during the cold season – If you choose to add a fire pit to your patio, you won't even have to wait until spring to start enjoying it! Simply bundle up and get a fire burning and you'll be all set to share a cozy fall/winter night with loved ones in your backyard.

Contrary to popular belief, building a patio in the fall or winter is extremely doable as long as a large amount of precipitation or extremely low temperatures aren't forecasted during the project. Furthermore, as our provider of Delaware County hardscape design services has just highlighted, scheduling your patio installation for this time of year actually offers a host of benefits for your family.

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